(A)     Technical Services:


Hull and Machinery Surveying and Consultancy Attendance/reporting on the nature, cause and extent of casualties and/or damages suffered (i.e. collisions, contacts, grounding, fire, mechanical/structural failures, etc.)

Estimate and/or scrutiny of costs of repairs

Assistance during repairs and/or cross checking repair specification items in respect of casualties, work carried out and prices tendered

Condition Survey

Assistance during Class Survey

Vetting (Quality and Safety control)

On / Off Hire survey

Gas freeing / tank cleaning


ii) Marine and Cargo Surveying. Consultancy attendance/reporting on the nature, cause and extent of damages caused to third parties (i.e. environmental damage, floating/fixed objects, cargo etc.) or involving H&M coverage

Bunker Survey

Draught Survey

Preloading Survey

Monitoring discharge

Cargo stowage and stability

Cargo sampling and laboratory analyses

Estimate of depreciation of damaged cargo

Monitoring cleaning up services and cost analysis in respect of port tariffs and market prices

Deviation Calculations


iii) Among the aims than Genship may offer, it could not lack the project and design. It’s developed by a staff of extremely qualified and efficient engineers, which turn the attention not just on naval buildings but also on terrestrial and harbours projects.


  • P & I and H & M Assistance:


Investigations and preliminary advice

Economical analyses, strategies, negotiations, settlements

Handling claims/counterclaims

Recovery of damages and losses

Contracts, securities, receipts and releases

Defence, protection and legal aid in maritime, civil and criminal proceedings

Commercial and legal assistance

Renewal of insurance policy


  • Yacht and Ship Management:


At the present time the BP Services & Vessel Management Ltd  is certified by registers for ISM Code.

Ordinary and special maintenance.

Quality control and safety management according to International/National Standards and Rules.

Preparation of SMS and ISPS procedures and manuals.

Relationship with registers and classification Societies inspections,

certificates renewal and class work. On board inspections

Handling of spare parts, their records, inventories and supply of “ad hoc” preventive maintenance program.

Management of SMS/SOLAS/IMO matters.

Crew recruiting and turn-over.

Relationship with ship’s staff, appraisal, follow up and supervision of officers and crew behaviour and their performance to create a selected and high standard company’s roster.

To schedule and arrange the personnel’s training courses in compliance with IMO requirements and in accordance with company’s policy to obtain the requested certification.

Supply of consumables in accordance with company rule and indication for deck, engine and cabin departments.

Agreements with agents and suppliers.

Costs analysis.

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