A Profile of BP Ltd

We have pleasure to introduce our company, born from the joint venture of skilled surveyors coming from the major P&I Clubs representatives in Sicily, and some of them in Italy and Sardinia. The company is new as name, but our surveyors have been operating for decades in the maritime field, on behalf and in the interest of Shipowners, Carriers and of their Marine Insurers as well to whom we always provide full assistance.


The company is the “BP Services & Vessel Management Ltd” with head office in Malta. Its main activity is based on ship full management including chartering and all services relating to vessel employment.


The structure of our company has been studied and developed to adapt to changes within the maritime industry and economy. In recent years the maritime industry has become more sensitive to the topics of safety and quality, whilst the persistent crisis in the maritime economy has forced more attention to be focused on cost analysis of vessel maintenance, to the problematic area of claims/counterclaims and consequently to contracting, defence and recovery.


In our opinion the most efficient way to deal successfully with these issues is to provide all technical and commercial assistance and, if needed legal as well, in one integrative organisation. This company’s structure enables us to provide an effective overview of the whole problem, whilst maintaining the ability to channel all efforts towards one particular area. At the level of an individual case, the company structure ensures that costs can be monitored to remain at a minimal for all those involved, without incurred in commission for P&I local correspondents and/or local agents, whilst at a global level, we as an integrative company are able to react to present and foreseeable changes in the maritime industry and economy.

BP’s staff are made by Naval Engineers, Extra Master Mariner, Chief Engineers and Naval architects as well, which boast years of navigational experience and that, whilst working with other management, have been in charge for ships’ repairs, re-conversions and new buildings. During the past decades our surveyors have also worked for the main correspondents of the major P&I clubs, serving therefore clubs and Ship Owners for almost twenty years. Aside from the survey and consultancy attendance the Company is also able to provide to the Ship Owners the technical management for any kind and class of vessel. The management activity, together with those of survey and consultancy, will guarantee to the vessels managed any kind of services including but not limited to following areas:


Company Activities


(A)     Technical Services:


  1. Hull and Machinery Surveying and Consultancy Attendance/reporting on the nature, cause and extent of casualties and/or damages suffered (i.e. collisions, contacts, grounding, fire, mechanical/structural failures, etc.),
  • Estimate and/or scrutiny of costs of repairs,
  • Assistance during repairs and/or cross checking repair specification items in respect of casualties, work carried out and prices tendered,
  • Condition Survey,
  • Assistance during Class Survey,
  • Vetting (Quality and Safety control),
  • On / Off Hire survey
  • Gas freeing / tank cleaning.


  1. Marine and Cargo Surveying. Consultancy attendance/reporting on the nature, cause and extent of damages caused to third parties (i.e. environmental damage, floating/fixed objects, cargo etc.) or involving H&M coverage
  • Bunker Survey,
  • Draught Survey,
  • Preloading Survey,
  • Monitoring discharge,
  • Cargo stowage and stability,
  • Cargo sampling and laboratory analyses,
  • Estimate of depreciation of damaged cargo,
  • Monitoring cleaning up services and cost analysis in respect of port tariffs and market prices,
  • Deviation Calculations


  • Among the aims than BP may offer, it could not lack the project and design. It’s developed by a staff of extremely qualified and efficient engineers, which turn the attention not just on naval buildings but also on terrestrial and harbours projects.


  • P & I and H & M Assistance:


  • Investigations and preliminary advice,
  • Economical analyses, strategies, negotiations, settlements,
  • Handling claims/counterclaims,
  • Recovery of damages and losses,
  • Contracts, securities, receipts and releases,
  • Defence, protection and legal aid in maritime, civil and criminal proceedings,
  • Commercial and legal assistance,
  • Renewal of insurance policy.


  • Yacht and Ship Management: At the present time the BP Services & Vessel Management Ltd is certified by registers for ISM Code.
  • Ordinary and special maintenance,
  • Quality control and safety management according to International/National Standards and Rules,
  • Preparation of SMS, ISPS, MLC 2006 with new procedures and manuals,
  • Relationship with registers and classification Societies inspections, certificates renewal and class work,
  • On board inspections,
  • Handling of spare parts, their records, inventories and supply of “ad hoc” preventive maintenance program,
  • Management of SMS/SOLAS/IMO matters,
  • Crew recruiting and turn-over,
  • Relationship with ship’s staff, appraisal, follow up and supervision of officers and crew behaviour and their performance to create a selected and high standard company’s roster, To schedule and arrange the personnel’s training courses in compliance with IMO requirements and in accordance with company’s policy to obtain the requested certification,
  • Supply of consumables in accordance with company rule and indication for deck, engine and cabin departments,
  • Agreements with agents and suppliers,
  • Costs analysis.

Head Office


MALTA – Covering Malta and East Sicilian and South Italian Ports


All correspondence is directed through our Head Office in Malta and the main executive branch Office in Messina. This ensures that every case and claim is followed efficiently from start to finish, whilst freeing the local offices/surveyors to act as our first contacts and at the full disposal of the Master and Members.


BP Services & Vessel management Ltd

Abacus Bussiness Centre, Level 1,

Dun Karm Street, B’Kara Bypass,

Birkirkara BKR 9037, Malta.

phone:    + 356 99 68 68 71

phone:    + 356 99 68 68 73

e-mail:   info@bpvesselmanagement.com


PIC         Rosario Russo

after hours:   CSO/DPA/AUDITOR Rosario Russo +356 99 68 68 71 and   +39 347 11 84 639 mobile

email: survey@bpvesselmanagement.com


PIC         Carmelo Russo

after hours:   C. E. Carmelo Russo +39 366 96 23 538 mobile

email: technical@bpvesselmanagement.com


PIC         Giorgio Vizzari

after hours:   DPA/CSO/AUDITOR Giorgio Vizzari  +356 99 68 68 73 and     +39 338 68 07 267 mobile

email: dpa@bpvesselmanagement.com


PIC         Gabriella Vizzari

after hours:   DDPA/CSO Gabriella Vizzari +39 366 96 23 525 mobile

email: purchase@bpvesselmanagement.com



Branch Office and Executive

BP Services & Vessel management Ltd

Via Canalini 256

90135 Palermo

phone:    +39 091 67 61 171

e-mail:   lume41@libero.it


PIC: Capt. Luigi Medini

after hours:   Capt. Luigi Medini

24 hours      +39 388 11 83 352 mobile


We hope the above will satisfy your requirements and we hope to have the opportunity to serve you in a very near future.

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